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Family, friends and fun

At Splitz Bowling Center, we believe in family, friends and fun. As a regional company, we have dedicated ourselves to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve. Our community partnerships reflect our commitment to teaching our community’s children essential values like hard work, team work, healthy living, and an enthusiasm for helping others.

Our goal is to be ingrained in our community and contribute in ways that enrich the lives of people residing in our areas. By making donations and partnering with local businesses that hold similar passions, we strive to create a strong community and enhance the quality of life for our customers and employees.

Since Splitz’s conception in 2009, we have donated more than $5.4-million in student academic passes, good behavior incentives, community donations and fundraisers to schools and organizations in North Central Florida. We have created programs that allow us to maintain our business goal, To create family fun in our community’s backyard.

If you have questions about our donation policy or have a nonprofit or educational organization you would like us to support, please fill out our Donation Request Sheet. Splitz happily supports programs that improve our community. We are especially passionate about youth and education. Schools and organizations may receive passes, fun packs, gift cards and more to use as prizes or incentives for fundraisers, auctions, volunteer and employee recognitions, etc. All requests for donations, if approved, must be submitted along with a written request on the letterhead of your non-profit, tax-exempt organization, and if you are a 501(c)(3) organization, please include a copy of your “letter of determination” from the IRS.

Remember to include all the details about your activity and what specific donation or assistance you are requesting from Splitz.