OP Bowling Games

Pin Pix

It’s a snap to surprise and delight your guests! Only pinpix lets guests take photos or use images from their mobile devices, leveraging the Brunswick Cloud, or take pictures from the lane tablet. Guests love capturing 10 frames of fun using filters and photo-editing tools that rival the ones in their favorite apps. And only pinpix lets players photobomb each other while collecting hats, beards, glasses, and other wacky accessories.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds Classic is brought to life in a fast-paced bowling game where you race to dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole your eggs. Angry Birds Bowling features challenging game play and hours of replay value.


For expert bowlers looking to refine their technique or the competitive group looking to challenge their friends on a favorite spare combination, the myShot spare trainer allows the bowler to pick a pattern and repeat the attempts at that pattern.

Creature Feature

Another 5-frame / 1-ball-per-frame game, this one with a gallery of spooky fun monsters that play along.


This addictive game mimics the classic playground basketball shot-making game, challenging opponents to knock down specified pin configurations instead of hoops shots.

E-Z Bowling

This 5-frame / 1-ball-per-frame game makes the
perfect activity for young children’s birthday parties.

Classic Games

Red Head PinWhenever the red pin is randomly placed as the head pin, the bowler has a chance to win a prize of your choice and  excitement of watching a showy animation.

3-6-9 Free Strike
Helps level the playing field between different bowler skill levels by awarding every player an automatic free strike in the third, sixth and ninth frames.

No Tap
This game credits bowlers for strikes even when they only topple six, seven, eight or nine pins. The number of downed pins to equal a strike is set by the center, and you can combine this game with 3-6-9 Free Strike.